Göl Shoe Industry, which has name and right of production of Sail Laker's, was established in 1958. It has more than half a century of production experience. Thanks to it's production system and machine park, it produces in quality to compete with best brands in the world. In Sail Laker's, while genuine and first quality leather is used, other products and materials to prevent deformation are imported from Italy. Sail Laker's who, branded in Turkey, prepare collections and product shoes for nearly all the shops in Turkey, always gives the health, comfort and quality the prime importance. The professional stylist crew that follows all fashion trends around the world, has always presented the hot trends to the customers at the same time with European brands, even earlier in some seasons. By increasing the number of store network day by day, woth a store more than 300 both domestic and abroad, Sail Laker's will continue to be the proper pride of shoe industry of Turkey.